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Diversity, equity & inclusion

014 Diversity Equity Inclusion

Inclusion is the absence of barriers. This is the clearest definition I’ve heard of this word, and one that speaks to the feelings of everyone, including white men, women, people of colour, and people of varying abilities, neuro diversities, genders, ethnicities, faiths, sexualities and others. It does not however come without a context, as civilisation is also based on finding common ground, and having some level of fair treatment across the spectrum of concerns.

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Do What Matters - the book

012 Do What Matters The Book

“This book is a revelation in so many ways that I cannot enumerate. Each chapter had me go to places I hadn’t considered going; to my experiences, my biases, my joys, and my gifts foremost among them! This book doesn’t just recommend what I should consider in my journey to building a net – positive life, it puts the steering wheel in my hand, with a road map and tangible actions to plot out what’s meaningful to me! I have lengthy notes. I highly recommend it!”

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Potential and Purpose

011 Potential and Purpose

the most recent piece of work that I've done, I've done in collaboration with some people at Red Thread Research. And we've just finished a podcast season on the topic of Purpose. And purpose, it turns out, is attention. It's about human attention. And the people that we meet, and the people that I've met on my entire sort of journey through podcasting and research, the people who are successful and the people who are doing interesting things are the people who are purpose-driven.

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Human Intelligence

009 Human Intelligence

“Everything is about connection. There's no more powerful way of connecting than understanding someone's psychology. We always say human intelligence, every resume should have a human intelligence, a personality test on the back that leads to engagement, performance and happiness. And so one day, and one day, the metaverse will understand humanity. I think there is no platform that understands humanity today. But when you go towards the metaverse, and tools like psychometrics that become ubiquitous, where everyone has one by the time they're in sixth grade, it really is the beginning of understanding humanity

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Weekly Tip - Productivity

008 Weekly Tip: Productivity

Today, I'm going to talk about productivity in roughly four to five minutes. I know you've read and implemented systems around productivity your entire life, yet frustratingly, you are still struggling to maintain your game consistently. What am I doing wrong, you ask? As when you look around your social feed, you see many people starting side gigs, growing their incomes. While you barely have time to breathe.

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Weekly Tip - Journalling

006 Weekly Tip: Journaling

Today's tip is about journaling. Journaling is one of the most underestimated success secrets. And often people don't know exactly how to incorporate it into their lives and how to make a habit of doing the thing that actually can release so much of stress, and keep you focused on the mission at hand.

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DEI is my Job

005 DEI is my Job

“The three things that I think have been most important to my success. And I think these things tend to change across the point of time that you are in your career, at least it has for me, but currently, perseverance has been quite important. Network has been incredibly important. And I don't just mean that in a professional sense. I also mean it in a personal sense, as well. And then the third thing for me has been authenticity. And that's something that probably has become a stronger part of what I've needed as I've gotten more senior.”

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