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Do What Matters is also a podcast, interviewing leaders who are demonstrating their purpose everyday.


A group of women discussing and learning from each other


If you’re looking for a model to build your own career transition process, you’ve come to the right place. If you want to take up space as a courageous leader, I’ve got you when you need a moment to recover.

Doing What Matters is the path I chose after 20+years in big corporate. There are however many ways to deliver on that, without even quitting your job!

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This book is a revelation in so many ways that I cannot enumerate. Each chapter had me go to places I hadn’t considered going; to my experiences, my biases, my joys and my gifts foremost among them! This book doesn’t just recommend what I should consider in my journey to building a net – positive life, it puts the steering wheel in my hand!

Archita Fritz

Digital Marketing Executive, Podcaster, Non Profit Exec

I found myself reflecting: why did I not write this myself and how fulfilling would my life have been if I had only read this earlier? As you laugh, cry, and reminisce with her, she invites you to make the choices about your life with intention. Katherine guides you, step by step along a roadmap and provides the tools to allow you to make the impact your world requires.

Ludwig May

Director, Core Fundamentals

"I loved this book! It contains a wealth of information that will guide anyone transitioning career into the right path. It inspired me to transition into a better, purpose driven version of myself. I’m recommending this to colleagues and friends”

Carlos Garcia

Senior Audit Manager & Finance Professional

Do what matters is a brilliant resource for anyone looking to upgrade their senior-level career, or even those who need to sense-check their direction in life. Thorough, widely researched and thought provoking, this is a very clever and accessible book taking you from 'what do you really want and why?' to on boarding in your new role and beyond.

Kate Davis

Leadership Specialist and NED

Woman sitting on a couch reading a book

About Katherine Ann Byam

Katherine Ann Byam is an author, sustainability activist, coach and consultant for business resilience and sustainable change, partnering with leaders committed to a shared future.” 

A professional with 20+years change leadership experience within the FTSE Top 10, she started her consulting firm in 2019 to support sustainable development within SMEs.

Katherine holds an MBA with distinction, specialising in Innovation Management as well as certificates in ESG, digital strategy, and sustainability management from established universities. She’s also a Fellow of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants. 

She’s the host of the internationally acclaimed Where Ideas Launch – Sustainable Innovation Podcast, ranked among the top 5% globally, achieving the top spot in 5 countries, and the top 10 in 19 separate charts.

As a sought after leadership and career transition coach and keynote speaker, she facilitates workshops and learning sessions for communities within global brands such as Amazon, Women Tech Global, ACCA, Stryker, Speak Up, Mind Channel and more.

She loves spending her spare time in nature, walking the western and southern coasts of the UK, France and Tobago, or on the Northern and eastern coasts of Trinidad with her partner Christophe.

Coaching Services

I work with change makers, or those who desire to be. From staging change where you are, to making meaningful pivots, I’m the wingwoman to your genius in transformation. I’ve worked with clients from various walks of life. Tune in below.

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"I feel and I've never felt this before with a coach but I feel like she is my partner. we're on this journey together. At the end of every session, we both have actions, we both hold each other accountable. Anywhere I get to on this journey, the success will be a joint one. I would highly recommend Katherine she's pretty exceptional."

Kysha Gibson

Managing Director/ Consulting Partner Media & Telecoms

She helped me untangle a ton of misconceptions and assumptions I had about myself and the environment I worked in, Katherine had a huge impact on my personal life and career. Fully recommend to anyone who is on the fence about coaching, it is worth it with Katherine!

Thomas Pietrzak

VP Operations, specialising in Food Supply Chains

Through various self-reflection exercises, one-to-one coaching sessions, and weekly meetings in the Career Courageous Club, I have humbly landed a role in an exciting and new industry. I can genuinely say that this would not have been possible without Kathy’s guidance and support.

Kirsten Forbes

Humanitarian Activist and Customer Service Professional

My "Wingwoman" delivers a level of service that gives you the confidence that someone trustworthy is in your corner. Someone who will do what is necessary to ensure you have the correct tools to give you that PUSH in your career transition, actualisation of a new business idea or tips on curating that online presence for success.

Jason Fournillier

Executive and Founder

The Do What Matters Podcast

This podcast accompanies you on your journey to craft a successful purpose and impact driven career that adds value to you as a whole integrated person. 

It’s designed to help you explore a wide range of perspectives on your talents, ideas to hone in on your higher purpose, and to assume more control over your journey.

Listen in! and connect with me Katherine Ann Byam on LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok.


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011 Potential and Purpose

the most recent piece of work that I’ve done, I’ve done in collaboration with some people at Red Thread Research. And we’ve just finished a podcast season on the topic of Purpose. And purpose, it turns out, is attention. It’s about human attention. And the people that we meet, and the people that I’ve met on my entire sort of journey through podcasting and research, the people who are successful and the people who are doing interesting things are the people who are purpose-driven.

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010 Weekly Tips – LinkedIn

Today’s session is about optimising LinkedIn for your job search. There’s a lot to talk about for LinkedIn, but six things that I think you should focus on to make your profile ready for review and viewing by those who will be interested in hiring you.

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009 Human Intelligence

“Everything is about connection. There’s no more powerful way of connecting than understanding someone’s psychology. We always say human intelligence, every resume should have a human intelligence, a personality test on the back that leads to engagement, performance and happiness. And so one day, and one day, the metaverse will understand humanity. I think there is no platform that understands humanity today. But when you go towards the metaverse, and tools like psychometrics that become ubiquitous, where everyone has one by the time they’re in sixth grade, it really is the beginning of understanding humanity

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My Other Work

As a consultant, I guide MSMEs in getting started, and scaling ethical businesses. This is all done via my brand Where Ideas Launch – Which is also a podcast!
Where Ideas Launch – The Sustainable Innovation Podcast has earned me 79 separate chart rankings, 31 Top 20 Spots, 19 top 10 Spots, and 6 Number 1 spots. It has been listened to in 86 countries, with rankings in 41 of them.
In addition, I run the community women in sustainable business on Facebook which continues to be a rich source of connection and opportunity for small businesses.

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