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Black in design

019 Black in Design

Andrew Montgomery is a Digital Product + UX Designer born and raised in Jamaica, but currently working in Toronto, though he considers himself a citizen of the world. He’s seen two sides to the story of technology. Coming from a place with limited access, to a hub of innovation, He always questioned how to bridge the gap. Then he discovered user experience design.

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The Profitable Resume

015 The Profitable Resume

Dr. Ashley Dash inspires action through her lived experiences in person and online as Profitable Resume® Expert. She often shares her most significant life challenges, including how she went from being an unemployed college graduate to landing a $100k+ job in Human Resources with Mercedes-Benz. Or revealing how years later, she restarted her life after facing foreclosure and unemployment, shifting back to six figures with an international move to Japan.

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Potential and Purpose

011 Potential and Purpose

the most recent piece of work that I've done, I've done in collaboration with some people at Red Thread Research. And we've just finished a podcast season on the topic of Purpose. And purpose, it turns out, is attention. It's about human attention. And the people that we meet, and the people that I've met on my entire sort of journey through podcasting and research, the people who are successful and the people who are doing interesting things are the people who are purpose-driven.

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