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Episode 31 - Embracing Only on Do What Matters

031 Embracing Only

Olivia has served as a HR leader for Stryker since June 2012 and during this time she has successfully supported several large sales organisations, facilitated cross functional synergies, implemented DE&I strategies, developed onboarding programs, facilitated integrations and assisted with the development of many commercial leaders. Before joining Stryker Olivia retired from the US Coast Guard in 2012. Most notably in 2009 Olivia made Coast Guard history as she became one of two first African American Engineer officers to serve on a “major” cutter. Olivia is also the co-host of the Embracing Only podcast and is working on a book titled Only; a corporate survival guide.

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The Future of Work and Talent - Do What Matters - Career and Leadership on Purpose

029 Future of Work and Talent

In this episode, we are going to be discussing future falent with an old friend of mine, Harry. It was such a pleasure to reconnect! Harry Vargas is a dynamic HR leader and change agent. He’s passionate about driving transformation for capacity building and growth, through commercially relevant and pragmatic organizational and talent strategies. He has 20 Years of multi-market & cultural experience, successfully leading and developing diverse teams at local, regional and global levels. Harry joined Microsoft in 2020, to lead HR and the culture & people transformational agenda, for the growing regional hub based in Costa Rica, serving LATAM and the US. Harry is Costa Rican and grew up in Colombia.

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Women in Consulting on Do What Matters - Careers

027 Women in Tech

Having a Master's in Public Administration, science and public policy, Nadine Bender Branham, focused early on towards the new economy with her first job at EB. After that she launched the online sales channel of a camera specialist before kicking off her career at Amazon Germany, which at the time was very much an infant state. Over the years in Amazon retail, she worked in many roles, supported and launched various businesses before in late 2020, she took on an additional opportunity in AWS to run the demand generation business for DACH and beyond

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Women in Consulting on Do What Matters

025 Women in Consulting

Kysha Gibson is a prominent and experienced management consultant specialising in the telecommunications, media and technology sector. She sits on Accenture’s Strategy & Consulting UKI Management Board and leads the Analyst Consulting Group (ACG) - the next generation of Strategy & Consulting talent for the UKI. She is deeply passionate about shaping future talent and strongly believes that the ACG (~900 employees) will be the key source of the next generation of Accenture and Industry leadership.

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Lupina Valdes Culture at Work on Do What Matters - Career and Leadership on Purpose Podcast.

023 Culture at Work

Thriving in an international career whether you are a migrant worker or expat, requires a great deal of self awareness, personal and professional development. It's not simple but it is rewarding. In this session I talk to one of my longest friends, someone I consider a sister, based on our shared experiences travelling throughout Latin America together as part of an internal audit team.

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DEI is my Job

005 DEI is my Job

“The three things that I think have been most important to my success. And I think these things tend to change across the point of time that you are in your career, at least it has for me, but currently, perseverance has been quite important. Network has been incredibly important. And I don't just mean that in a professional sense. I also mean it in a personal sense, as well. And then the third thing for me has been authenticity. And that's something that probably has become a stronger part of what I've needed as I've gotten more senior.”

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