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My Career Journal Part 6 - Negotiate or Wait - Do What Matters - Career and Leadership on Purpose

028 My Career Journal pt 6 Negotiate or Wait?

How early in the process should you start negotiating? I’m beginning to learn that the answer is as late in the process as possible. There are many things to negotiate in today’s job market, and the time to start doing that depends almost wholly on the relationship you build with your future line manager. Don’t negotiate with HR. The HR process is designed to find red flags and eliminate them, whereas the relationship with your line manager will always be more nuanced. Let’s discuss HR Screening calls, and I’ll share my worst performance in an interview process with you.

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The Profitable Resume

015 The Profitable Resume

Dr. Ashley Dash inspires action through her lived experiences in person and online as Profitable Resume® Expert. She often shares her most significant life challenges, including how she went from being an unemployed college graduate to landing a $100k+ job in Human Resources with Mercedes-Benz. Or revealing how years later, she restarted her life after facing foreclosure and unemployment, shifting back to six figures with an international move to Japan.

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